By: Kelsey Bourgeois in collaboration with Russell Weiss

‘Cancel culture’ as an idea has become so ubiquitous, it’s practically meaningless. The right is crying about being ‘canceled’ for fucking minors and violently forcing entry into the seat of government to display hate symbols and the rest of us just think — maybe those things should have consequences. This is not the debate or conversation that I’m interested in.

What I’m interested in critiquing here is the ‘cancel culture’ that I have witnessed (and participated in at different points) in small to medium progressive communities. Namely, the way that some people…

It’s time to up our digital literacy, people.

By: Kelsey Bourgeois in collaboration with Russell Weiss

Photo by Jakob Owens

Social media is where many people get most of their news. In my mind, this is both a good and bad thing. It’s obvious to most of us that mainstream media being owned by a small group of people means that only certain stories or versions of stories are told there. The advent of the internet sparked the hope that the way information spreads would be broadly democratized. The truth would rise to the top. The way this has played out, however, is a bit more complicated. My goal here is to…

Adapted from an Instagram story.*

Image by Mario Purisic

As this pandemic wears on and the summer uprising for racial justice continues, the left is climbing all over one another to show who is doing right by humanity best. And I am not above the same thing. I also want to chastise those not wearing masks or choosing to post about mundane things when there are literally people dying in the streets to protect Black lives. But the more I go down that track, the more it becomes clear: this is not the most effective strategy to solve the problem I want to solve…

By: Kelsey Bourgeois in collaboration with Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro, Grace Humiston, and Jinx.

There is a resurgence of energy around ending human sex trafficking right now. And we can all agree that no one should be forced into sex work, and that abuse of children is particularly heinous. But what actually is sex trafficking and, just as importantly, are our current efforts to end it really helping?

red umbrellas against a blue sky background
red umbrellas against a blue sky background
Photo by: Mario Gogh

First things first. Why are so many people suddenly concerned now, particularly Republicans who otherwise were happy to rush to the defense of alleged child predator Roy Moore? What has caused this acute aboutface…

Kelsey Bourgeois

She/her. I exist mostly on the internet. @kelseyannb on Instagram and Tik Tok and @kelsey_ann_b on Twitter.

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